WEDNESDAY, 9:30PM. 2 days prior to their wedding day, they sat across the booth sipping almond milk tea. Our first conversation occurred a couple days before and wasn’t sure if time allowed for a physical meeting. She being exhausted from her stay in NY and him arriving back from his bachelor party. Jet lagged and all… they began to share,

Here’s a typical story about boy meets girl. Except this boy was born and raised in chicago, the greatest city in the world and the girl of his dreams lived life in the future. Thirteen hours into the future to be exact. After Vik graduated from Dartmouth, he ventured out east for job opportunities and that’s when he ran into Jo. It all began at a house party in Singapore. She was cooling off in the kitchen. He needed a beer. Well, that’s that and here we are.

She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t apply make-up on the daily.
He never really touches up his hair, but when it happens – she applies it for him.
She gets excited over the small things, especially the texture of doughnuts from glazed & infused.
He loves Mexican food but it’s nowhere to be found in Singapore.

It helped me learn that their celebration was not just a coming together for the two of them, it was a joining of families and friends. And of course, that’s what I decided to highlight in their film. With Jo’s family hosting a traditional tea ceremony and Vik’s side a hindu ceremony, I knew that they had huge family ties and much respect for where they come from. Over boba, Vik mentioned that there would be a open mic of sorts going on during the reception. This was great; it allowed us to learn about their separate childhoods and also a window into their lives as a couple. Normally we only incorporate one or two speeches into a film but this time around, the more the merrier.




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Special thanks to all the vendors who made this wedding possible! Especially Jenn Gaudreau for referring us to Jo & Vik! I’ve also got to mention that Beth did an amazing job making sure everything ran smoothly! Her team is top-notch! DJ Harsh was excellent as well – keeping folks moving on the dance floor and updating us on all things related to the itinerary. Props to the team at FMK for killing it with that morning ceremony set-up.

Photographer: Jenn Gaudreau
Venue: The Hyatt Lodge
Coordinator: SQN Events
Florist: Forget Me Knodt
DJ: DJ Harsh



Jun and Nowie are from the bay area. Their friends and families are also from San Francisco. Now, you must be wondering why on earth they would get married in Chicago. Trust me, you weren’t the only one. When we first chatted, I tried avoiding the question but I couldn’t help but to wonder and if you know me even a little, you’ll know that I speak my mind. This situation was no different and right after we exchanged greetings, I asked, why chicago?.

Well, during a spontaneous trip to chicago – they stopped by the Chicago Cultural Center and the tiffany dome caught their eye. Later in the evening, over dinner, Nowie breaks the silence. ‘alright, what’s up? what’s on your mind?’ And that was the moment. That was the moment that changed everything. That moment brought over one hundred and forty of their closest friends and family members from the bay to the midwest. Here’s a little treat, because you guys deserve it: when Nowie called her mom, she was praying for them while they were gazing at the tiffany dome. boom. The power of prayer ya dig.

As their wedding day approached, Jun & Nowie created a timeline for their bridal party and others that wanted to explore this wonderful city of ours! They scheduled one of those architecture boat tours on the chicago river. Normally, this information wouldn’t be interesting to me but because they visited Chicago and fell in love with a piece of architecture, I thought it would be pretty sweet to join them on this tour – and it was.

From the little time I spent with Jun & Nowie, I learned a lot about who they are and what they hold dear to themselves. They’re adventurous. Getting married in a city based on a spontaneous visit? They are major foodies. When I spoke to Jun during the boat tour, he described his week with his food. Oh, and at their reception, they had a chicago styled hot dog stand for their guests! They’re very different from each other. While in the same car, he’s burning up and wanted the a/c on – she’s freezing cold and wants the heat on. She’s a pork and eggs kinda gal while he’s on that yogurt & fruit. He’s up at sunrise watching cycling on a saturday while she’s asleep til noon. She does things with haste, while he takes his time. Definitely opposites. One thing they have in common though, is their love for their friends / families, and are loved in return. Most of all, they love Jesus.






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Special thanks to all the vendors who made this wedding possible!

Photographer: Gabriel Boone
Hotel: Hotel Palomar
Make Up & Hair: Heather Lim Salon
Venue: Chicago Cultural Center

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  • CHICAGO WEDDING | ROQUE-NIDO | Micah B. Cabebe - […] My first experience out of state in the beautiful city of Chicago. I want to thank Bien for giving me the opportunity to travel and do her bridal party’s (of 11 ladies) makeup on her big day.  Alongside with Heather Lim from Chicago, who is super talented with hair. Photo credit goes out to Gabriel Boone Photography of course…Last but not the least, I have to share this amazeballs highlight vid by Henry Wu… click HERE. […]ReplyCancel


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I sat down with Jon & Hye Jin for the first time on July 26th. During our meeting, they shared about their proposal and how it was exactly one week ago. I didn’t say it out loud then but I was SO excited because that means they’ve been following my work! Anyway, Jon & Hye Jin started off their wedding day at The Public Hotel and wow, those windows were so great! Maybe I just don’t get out much but the hotel felt really peaceful and the neighborhood it was in added to the calmness of the day. As the guys played pictionary, the girls admired how beautiful the bride was while Sonia Roselli’s team applied finishing touches. They exchanged personal letters in the morning and Hye Jin’s bridesmaids did all they could to prevent her from tearing up!

For their ceremony, we moved to what seemed to be a warehouse but it was in fact a modern venue called Room 1520. When I first arrived to set up, it seemed like just an empty space but with Art of Imagination and Vale of Enna at work, the space turned out amazing! It was a joyous ceremony and the tears did not hold back. Congratulations again to Jon & Hye Jin! Thank you so much for having me take part in your celebration. We’ve already bumped into each other a few times since your wedding day so I’m sure we’ll see each other again!

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Special thanks to all the vendors who made this wedding possible!

Hotel: The Public Hotel
Make Up & Hair: Sonia Roselli
Floral: Vale of Enna
Venue: Room 1520
DJ: DJ ChrisMix
Drapery: Art of Imagination

  • Christine - Henry, I’m a friend of Daniel’s and I just wanted to say that your video here is amazing. I love it. The way you filmed and compiled it together with the voices and videos made it into a fantastic memory that I am sure the couple will treasure for years to come.ReplyCancel

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up until now, this blog has been purely work-related. well, i guess this still looks like it could be related but i don’t actually take inquiries for photography. these are my good friends daniel & suzi who recently became engaged. the first of my friends, actually. i figured taking some photos would be a better gift than kitchenware, a towel set, or whatever people put on registries nowadays. i had no clue as to what i was doing and simply hoped for the best. this will probably be the only time i ever do this. this stuff is way too hard – i’ll leave it to the pros. 🙂 with all that said, hope you enjoy – love you guys.

oh. also couldn’t decide what category to put this in and so i started something new, the personal category. i can’t wait to share more about myself with you all. thanks again for all the support everyone. without you guys, i am nothing. alright, off to go watch the series finale of breaking bad!

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