3:17 PM Tuesday, July 7th
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David, Des & I just finished wrapping up a beautiful wedding for my good friends Carol & Yejun. We were at HNL waiting to board our flight back to good ol chi city and David’s phone rings. It was Jon calling – David hands the phone over to me and in my head it went somewhat like this:

Remo: Henry, I need a photographer for my wedding.
Henry: Hey Remo! Oh shoot – did something happen? When’s your wedding?
Remo: It’s coming up soon. August 1.
Henry: … (crap. is he asking me to photograph his wedding? i’m awful at photos!) Wow. That’s in a couple weeks!
Remo: Are you free? Can you photograph my wedding?
Henry: Uh… you know I don’t really do photos right? I’m horrible at posing people!
Remo: Don’t worry about it – we love your films / stills.
Henry: I’d have to think it over.

end call

A long flight back to the chi and it was decided. There’s no way I can leave my friend hanging with a couple weeks left. He wouldn’t have called unless there were any other options. It was such a great decision on my part! Remo & Spencer’s friends and family are such a loving bunch. I spent the weekend with them and we were surrounded by great food and joyous laughter. It was such a relief to know that Remo trusted me with the task. That guy is such an encouragement, even calling me after the wedding expressing his thanks and how comfortable him & spencer were on the day of.

On that note, I’ll probably never photograph another wedding. Enjoy! Love you both Remo & Spencer! I’m definitely swinging by if I’m ever in Ohio… hahaha

Oh – and I couldn’t have done it without David & Des being guests at the wedding! SO HELPFUL!

remo + spencer-1

remo + spencer-2

remo + spencer-7

remo + spencer vert 1

remo + spencer-8

remo + spencer-9

remo + spencer-23

remo + spencer-24

remo + spencer-25

remo + spencer-27

remo + spencer-28

remo + spencer-29

remo + spencer-30

remo + spencer-3

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  • Sarah - Soooo beautiful! You captured their love!ReplyCancel


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.51.46 AM






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Photographer: David Lai
Ceremony: Ocean Crystal Chapel | Karissma
Reception: Halekulani Waikiki

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    • admin - Thanks Drew! The photos are just screen captures of their film. Be sure to check that out!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole H. - Beautiful video and a wonderful way to look back and remember your special day!!!ReplyCancel

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    • admin - You’re so welcome Carol. I miss hawaii. I NEED TO GO BACK. #6monthvowrenewalReplyCancel

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Photographer: Kina Wicks
Venue: Marriott Lincolnshire

  • Terri Williams - This was an amazing way to capture the emotion of the day! It was a joyful event celebrating love and family and that came through in every frame of this video. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this special event.ReplyCancel

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  • Jenny Morozin - It was nice watching the lovely wedding again.ReplyCancel